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Shine & Angel Silk Demonstration by Aya Mihara

Sparkle TV Presents: Shine & Angel Silk Demonstration by Aya Mihara


Club Sparkle & Sparkle TV Presents: Fukuoka Rally Highlights 2018

Club Sparkle Product Info: ION5 (English)

Club Sparkle Product Info: ION5

Nectura Demonstration

Sparkle TV Presents: Nectura Demonstration

EverYoung Demonstration

Sparkle TV Presents: EverYoung Demonstration

Ion5 Demonstration

Sparkle TV Presents: Ion5 Demonstration by Reiko Okada

True Life Coin Introduction Video (2017)

Sparkle TV Presents: True Life Coin Introduction Video

Sparkle, Launched in Japan!

Club Sparkle and TLC's Golden Spring Pre-launch Celebration in Shinagawa was a day of unforgettable experiences and memories! Enjoy some of the highlights from the event! The New Generation of business has arrived!

Club Sparkle – The 2nd Osaka Rally

The 2nd Osaka Rally has truly became an academic platform that educates the Members with tremendous amount of information which leads to success. On the same day, the exciting club event had brought all generations become one and celebrate together. Enjoy the video and don't forget to join our next Rally!

The 33rd Tokyo Health Industry Show

“Club Sparkle showcased at the 33rd Tokyo Health & Beauty Expo. Thank you to all who came to see us! The turnout and showcase was incredible!



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