Sparkle was born out of my intense passion to help people believe in themselves and realize their full potential beyond the limits they perceive. There is so much untapped potential and undiscovered talent in each person. Our goal is to help you unleash that potential that’s just waiting to shine through. This self-fulfilling opportunity will help you achieve the best of health, beauty, income, personal achievement and a life full of sparkle!

Sparkle unites people from all walks of life in an environment that supports each other to accomplish the same mission ? “to live life with no limits.”

Lani Dizon / Founder

With two decades of experience in global marketing, corporate infrastructure, public relations and a successful company owner, Ms. Dizon is passionately committed to creating a fun, friendly and spectacular environment for people to gain the courage to live the life that they deserve to live.

Ms. Dizon is the Founder of Dizon Cosmetics as well as countless other life-changing formulas that are currently in the market today. She has worked with scientists, formulators and manufacturers for over 15 years, developing superior and innovative products that have given hundreds of thousands of people across the world life-changing results.

Lani is also Founder of the Women’s Business Network (WBN), created to empower women to look good, feel good, have more confidence and unleash their true potential by naturally doing what they do best – sharing and building life-long relationships.

With this vast experience and a A-list team of professionals, Ms Dizon is paving the way for a new kind of company that will create the next generation of exciting products, combined with a money making opportunity unlike anything before.

Sparkle was created for Generation NOW. That means YOU. So if you’re looking for youth, beauty, energy, weight management, and a financial make-over, then Sparkle is what you’ve been looking for!

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