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Life is too short.
It's your time to live a life with No Limits... now!


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Our mission is to bring fun, health, beauty, happiness, adventure and “sparkle” back into people’s lives!

Help us share the “sparkle” and get rewarded through our lucrative POINT Program!

You get to choose whether to join us as

a CUSTOMER, an AFFILIATE PLUS member or as VIP with maximum earning benefits, depending on the country where you reside.

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Enjoy product discounts on our
life-changing formulas!

Participate in our generous POINT Program
with UNLIMITED earning potential.

Receive access to many other bonuses,
incentives, promotions,eventsand and all
that the Sparkle life has to offer!

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Point To Cash Program

The Sparkle Loyalty Program is designed for anyone who wants to earn rewards.
But, we’re not just a typical POINT program.... we’re the only POINT program that allows their participants to exchange their POINTS to CASH!

Whether your goal is to earn enough points to obtain your life-changing skin care and wellness products for free, or if you wish to benefit from
significant income to a drastic change in lifestyle... the financial possibilities are unlimited.



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Direct Connect Marketing

Can you imagine sharing in a POOL of Apple’s iPhone Sales? or Starbuck’s coffee sales? Our goal is to give back to our members by sharing our sales with you!

Sparkle incorporates a new revolutionary concept, called Direct Connect Marketing (DCM), which combines AFFILIATE MARKETING, DIRECT SELLING with SOCIAL NETWORKING and a very generous POOL that is divided amongst ALL Sparkle Members!

In fact, we give over 55% of our company sales reveue back to our members who share our life-changing products every week!



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Participating in the Sparkle POINT Program is easy! Just become a Sparkle AFFILIATE or VIP.


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Each time you refer someone to Sparkle, you’ll get rewarded with generous POINT bonuses!

Plus, you could participate in our unique and exciting “SHARE THE SALES” POOL! It holds 55% of our company sales reveue, which we share back with you and other members EVERY WEEK who help share Sparkle’s life-changing products!

It’s easy! The more POINTS you earn, the bigger the SHARES you receive in the POOL!


The POOL is based on a simple 2 Team Concept: Refer 2 people (This starts your 2 Teams: Team A & Team B). For every 25,000 points accumulated “by your entire team’s orders” on Team A & Team B, you receive 1 share in the STS Pool! This is a “people helping people” concept.

Your shares are based on all points accumulated by those who happen to be in your teams (referred by you or not).

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All Shares earned during that weekly pay period will be divided by the total number of Shares Earned.

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That's not all!

We provide more incentives to keep you connected, happy and finely rewarded for you efforts!

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Additional Bonus Points!

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Promotions & Campaigns!

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Trips & Adventures!

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Fun Events!

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Promotions & Campaigns!

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