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WELLNESS Health & Nutrition

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    WELLNESS Health & Nutrition

    Sparkle’s Wellness Formulas are designed to provide “nutritious fuel for the body!” These multi‐function formulas activate the body to ignite total nutrition, energy, alertness, anti‐stress, rejuvenation, healthy weight management and more. The ultimate goal is to help your body operate at maximum efficiency, so you can feel more uplifted, alert and energetic… everyday!

  • EverYoung

    Rejuvenation Beverage
    A synergistic blend of health, beauty,
    energy and rejuvenation drink mix
  • Ion5

    Ionic Mineral Drops
    The 5th generation of essential minerals, ionized for immediate absorption
  • Nectura

    Antioxidant Beverage

    A multi-functional food supplement with 47 phytonutrients and antioxidants

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