Company Overview

Club Sparkle is an innovative lifestyle company that offers unique health and wellness products that provide proven results, coupled with a generous profit-sharing program in which we give back 55% of the Company’s sales to our Members who simply share these products with others.

Research indicates that most ailments, sicknesses and diseases can be traced to a mineral deficiency. Our mission is to help address this ongoing epidemic of mineral deficiency that is compromising the health of people worldwide.

Minerals are essential for total body wellness. In fact, over 90% of all body functions require them. Without them, not a single muscle including your heart and brain could function. However, our bodies cannot produce minerals on its own which means we must obtain these essential nutrients from the foods we eat.

Unfortunately, the Earth’s soil has steadily been stripped of its nutrients due to decades of unsustainable agriculture methods to support population growth. Lack of nutrient-rich soil means lack of nutrient-rich food.

The foundation of Sparkle’s product line is minerals. Unlike other products in the market that are singular in function, our wellness products are designed with “multi-function” properties; meaning each product provides a multitude of benefits. They are also proven to provide results people can see and feel immediately. Our products are expertly formulated in Japan and manufactured in the USA to the exacting standards of the Japanese Ministry of Health; who’s known to have the most rigorous compliance requirements in the world.

In just a few years, thousands have joined us in the movement for better health, new adventures, positive mindsets, personal confidence, fun and happier lifestyles. We’ve successfully created a culture and environment that’s inspiring and fulfilling. At Sparkle, we call this living a “Life with No Limits!”

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