Achieving this Las Vegas trip was one of my main goals. Even before I became involved with Club Sparkle, I heard and knew that the Founders were beyond amazing. About a year ago, I promised myself to really focus on this business. I even stopped drinking and going out at night.

I decided to study for a year, train others on my second year, and start progressing on my third!! This is what I clearly imagined in my mind.

Although this was my priority, you still cannot predict what happens in the future! I attended Las Vegas with 5 of my important Members. At the end of the trip, all 5 of us were assured and admit to the fact that "This is real."

To me, something that is "Real" is either a reliable person, thing, or information. I believe this is going to be the greatest weapon when the Sparkle business goes global.

I felt with my 5 senses that this project is REAL and is already complete. I feel that we're on a treasure ship bigger than we could ever imagine. I now have the choice to keep building, make bigger moves, or aim for the next Hawaii campaign.

I'm a business man also. I think to myself how would the Chairman move next? This company is honest and secure. I cannot be more proud.