Chef Wai Aung

“When I started tasting Nectura I didn’t know anything about the products. I had to keep trying and trying on my recipe. I made one recipe, tested it, made another recipe and I tested it. The reason I’m doing it is because of all the ingredients and all the nutrition is in one bottle allowing you to do so much. I kept incorporating Nectura into everything - marinade, dressings, reductions and it turns out delicious! I’m sure everyone can try Nectura with all different kinds of recipes. Add it in the recipe that you like to use. I started with a Caprese salad. It’s very mild, easy to eat, and everyone loves Caprese salad. Instead of using balsamic reductions the traditional way, I used Nectura and made a dressing out of it. I made a duck salad. Duck is very gamey and bland, so I used a variety of different fruits. For the dressing, I used peanuts and Nectura. I made the ceviche with Nectura and citrus. I made the Wagyu beef with Nectura, a little bit of soy sauce and fish sauce to make a salty Asian flavor. After that I marinated it for 45 minutes so all the flavor from the Nectura and all the different ingredients [would seep into] the meat. I combined all of it together and it came out extremely flavorful. A lot of people are trying to eat healthy so Sparle products are a great ingredient for me to use in the kitchen. For me, my ingredients and my recipe, I added Nectura to create something different and it came out very well. I want everyone to try this. It’s very great and healthy. I think it’s going to be good for all the fitness people, the elderly or chefs like me. I believe that it will be helpful for us to be healthy and stay in shape.”

Experienced and talented Chef Wai Phyo Aung, has over 20 years in the Hospitality Industry as a Certified Servsafe & Allergen Executive Chef. Originally from Myanmar, he spent several years honing his culinary talents in Japan before coming to the United States in 2000. Since then, he has worked for several Las Vegas Strip hotels and casinos and joined Marssa in September 2018. Now, as the Signature Chef of Club Sparkle, Chef Wai has discovered a new way of creating healthy dishes with our Wellness health products. Nectura, EverYoung and ION5, in combination with his culinary artistic creations that are now trending all throughout America and across the seas.

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Testimonial from Chef Wai