Masahiro Tobinaga

Because of my constant intemperance and irregular eating habit, I gained weight to 69.8 kilograms.
It was a typical style for chubby middle-aged man, with pot belly and double chin.
Therefore, I set a goal to lose 10kg within 3months and started with dietary restrictions.
I started restricting carbohydrates and quitted eating sweets completely.
In addition, I adopted home training twice a week. However, that is not the only thing I did!
Sparkle products are essential here.
I made a habit of taking a drink mixed with Nectura and EverYoung every day, first thing in the morning.
In the beginning of the day, you need energy.
This drink makes metabolism active and sweat a lot.
Nectura and EverYoung became the strongest energy sources for my every day powerful activities all day.
Finally, I lost 10kg, became 59.8kg in two months and half! What an amazing result!
Little earlier than 3months, I reached the goal I set.
I also lost 8cm around the waist and now all my pants are too big! I made a tremendous change.
I realized how amazing Sparkle products are and I will continue it always.