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Yuko Tanimoto
(Kagawa prf.)

“Nectura” is my partner and is essential for my life.

I would like to tell my experience with Nectura.
12 years ago- I was 40 years old at the time; I took a thorough medical examination because an abnormality in my liver function was found during a health checkup in my workplace. The result was that I was infected with the hepatitis C virus.
Since then, I have been taking a blood exam regularly, every six months. I studied supplement and Chinese herbal medicine so that I didn’t have to rely on drugs, then I willingly started to take health supplements.
Although the value of GPT (it shows my liver function level) was well above the normal level, it didn’t exceed the higher level. I was very thankful to the supplement and its effects.
As I received the diagnosis from a doctor, to be a carrier of the hepatitis C virus, he said to me “Let’s try interferon therapy because the value of the GPT will be elevated eventually.”
That’s when, in 2009, I met Nectura!
One of my reliable friends recommended Nectura. When I took a sip, I was impressed by the delicious taste and instinctively recognized that this was the REAL powerful juice.
I signed up with Zenza immediately and began to drink Nectura every day. I took at least two bottles of Nectura a month, and when my body demanded more Nectura, I took more than three bottles of Nectura a month. Thus Nectura has become an indispensable partner of my life. To my surprise, every time I receive the result of my checkup, the value of GPT was gradually getting lower. Finally, the value of GPT which had bothered me went down to be within normal range. In my lifestyle, I can’t say that I have a good rhythm of life, no special diet or good exercise. The only one reason that I can think of my GPT value improvement, was the continued intake of Nectura.

Now I keep my digestive system clean and lost weight by 5 kgs. compared to when I started taking Nectura.
In addition, I have great skin condition, with rich moisture. Maybe because of this, a friend who hasn’t seen me for a while said “You got younger!” I am very happy to hear that. Besides, I don’t have the concern of the hepatitis C occurrence anymore. Although the doctor recommends interferon therapy, I don’t think I am taking it. Now I am able to live comfortably every day. I am grateful to have met Nectura!

Hiroko Hayashi
(Kagawa prf.)

Nectura-Cake was praised!

I have been drinking Nectura since it was released as a new product.
When I first tasted it, I quickly shouted “It’s delicious!” The berry flavor was so popular and I was praised for my home-made cake with Nectura.
I think I will make other sweets using Nectura. After a few days that I started to consume Nectura, my digestive system began to work perfectly, my stomach felt lighter as it helped me to clean my system completely.
At the same time, my skin complexion looked brighter.
I heard some reports from my downline members that their skin conditions were improved thanks to Nectura.
I can feel that my rusted body has gradually disappeared and become fresh again. How powerful this anti-oxidant juice is! I can’t stop appreciating that such a great product could be developed.
I truly want to tell more and more people about Nectura. Thank you very much.

Harumi Tanaka
(Chiba prf.)

My body tells me “I need Nectura”.

I fell in a large debt due to my husband’s business failure. I had suffered from asthma and atopic disease before, but suddenly these diseases got worse when I fell in that situation. Before then, my weight was 43 kgs, but in a hard situation like that, my weight exceeded 80 kgs. Because of other diseases I had at the time- bulimia, hypothermia, Meniere’s disease, autonomic imbalance and hypertension etc. …my body couldn’t even take instillation and medicines.
I had fallen into depression and spent almost a month and a half in bed. People around were worried about me very much and recommended various supplements, however they didn’t work for me at all.
I still remember when Nectura was recommended to me. It was very tasty and I felt it surging through my entire body. Since then, I took one bottle of Nectura a week and about a month later, I was able to get out of bed and be cheerful as I am now.
I am a busy person now that sometimes I forget the hard time that I went through. From time to time, when I am too busy to drink Nectura, I get tired easily, so I feel that my body responds well to the supplement. I realized how important is that I take Nectura regularly without exception particularly when I am in a busy time. Today again, I appreciate the REAL juice Nectura and give it a sweet smile.

Keiko Oshiro
(Okinawa prf.)

It’s exactly from Hell to Heaven. Hope my experience would be helpful for many people.

Five years ago, my husband died of a disease. My heart stopped from the care-giving fatigue and I was taken to a hospital by ambulance three years ago.
I was in the ICU for two weeks, the cause of the disease wasn’t clear, heard many disease names, and ultimately I was diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disease. I stayed in the hospital for two months.
At that time, I had diarrhea for more than 30 times in one day, my weight dropped to 27 kgs.; I couldn’t even swallow tofu.
I had a poochy stomach and looked like a dystrophic child.
After I got out from the hospital, the diarrhea continued and one time going to the bathroom, I couldn’t make it. My sons who are junior high school students helped me with the laundry or gave me a bath. They took care of me without any complaints. Then, I was often taken to the hospital by ambulance, my sons and friends were worried about me.
I was recommended many kinds of supplements by my friends. I used them regularly but the disease stayed the same. Then, I was invited to go and hear a Nectura story last November. I didn’t feel good at the time but experienced some anxiety so I visited Tanaka’s house. I heard various types of testimonials and wanted to try Nectura even a day earlier, so I registered.
After four or five days of drinking Nectura, my son realized that my poochy stomach began to disappear. I didn’t realize it until my son noticed it and I was really surprised. Because of this experience, my expectations in Nectura became bigger. At first, I drank it regularly about one bottle during the first week. Sometimes, I drink Nectura without diluting it. The diarrhea stopped after a while and when I felt good again, I was able to care for myself.
Above all, my sons felt delighted with my recovery. The other day, when I returned to the hospital for a check-up, the amount of medications prescribed was less. Before, I was taking more than thirty kinds of medicines.
The doctor wondered what happened to the disease up to this moment. My weight increased to 37 kgs. I was able to go out…it’s exactly from hell to heaven.
At the beginning, I focused on myself to get better, but now that I got well, I write this testimonial because I want to tell about Nectura to many people and hope that my experience would help others.
Thank you very much.

Toshio Ochiai
(Chiba prf.)

Nectura brought me an amazing change in my blood!

It’s been almost one year since I started to drink Nectura,
when my blood was analyzed the very first time and I saw the results with white spots (by the influence of the radical oxygen or the dropout of blood pigment) that were so prominent in blood.
However, the white spot parts became much smaller 2 months later.
Now I feel better and get up easily in the morning. I have overcome the sense of fatigue.

Miki Uchiumi
(Kochi prf.)

I’m really glad I discovered Nectura. Cheers!

I started to drink Nectura six months ago.
After the first week that I started to drink Nectura, the skin around my nose began to peel off. I use my usual cosmetics, so I thought perhaps it was because of Nectura.
So I talked about my experience to the person who introduced me to Nectura.
That person advised me that “the turn-over of skin may become normal because of Nectura”, I thought that was great!
I drink Nectura while thinking that the turn-over of my skin is becoming normal at the age of 57!
Over the years I’ve been told by the people who I have not seen in years that my face got firmer and shinier. I feel this effect by myself too.
I had suffered from hay fever for a long time, and I used to rely on injections and medicines when that season comes. However, my hay fever got better this year although I was unaware of it, and I don’t need to take medicine anymore.
I thought that it’s been a great pleasure to meet Nectura. All my family drinks Nectura now. Do you judge beauty by someone’s appearance? Actually, being beautiful and healthy within the inner body is the most beautiful thing, isn’t it?
Nectura is a drink that serves a dual purpose.
A cup of Nectura after taking a bath, cheers to soda-mixed Nectura every day!

Reiko Okada
(Kochi prf.)

Nectura has spread to people around me.
My mother kept her gratitude until the end. .

I had been suffering from vertigo due to anemia and low blood pressure since I was a teenager, so I didn’t pay much attention to it, but surprisingly, I found it was gone after being a drinker of Nectura.
After I noticed that, I tried to measure my blood pressure, it became about 120 although it was 90 at the highest before.
At the same time, my skin condition has dramatically changed.
It was really annoying me for so long, but then a purple lump, blemishes and circles around my eyes disappeared.
Before that, I hated looking in the mirror every day because I could feel the roughness in my hands while washing my face all the time and I was really miserable when people around me felt sorry for my skin around my face.
Two of my old friends that I hadn’t seen for 10 years purchased Nectura as soon as they saw my face and noticed I looked better than before thanks to Nectura. Now, I enjoy washing my face and applying make-up.
My mother couldn’t raise her bent arms higher and eventually her fingers were also bent. Finally she became a person with disability with grade 2.
However, she could stretch her bent arms straight, started to raise them and her fingers were also stretched straight after drinking Nectura.
Her helpers, who visited her 3 times a week, were surprised to know that and started to drink Nectura.
Some of the other patients who she met at the hospital where she was going who knew about it, started to drink Nectura also. She passed away, but she felt gratitude for Nectura until her death.

Mami Hamajima
(Aichi prf.)

It’s tasty for natural sweetness.
That’s why I keep drinking Nectura.

Taking Nectura everyday has been my habit since it was launched.
My family consists of six members. I have four children, the eldest daughter is 22 years old and the youngest is 15 who is a student that is preparing for an entrance exam.
For the past several years, they have not consulted a doctor for getting sick. This is what I am proud of.
I often hear some of my friends saying that their kids have to see a doctor due to a fever, they have no voice because they got a cold or they have persistent diarrhea.
When a family member has a sore throat, I give him/her a little more Nectura than they normally take.
The next morning, he/she has recovered completely and goes to school cheerfully. All of my kids have no absence from school.
They haven’t had a preventive shot against the flu, and they seem to be fine even though the flu is prevalent around them.
I myself work for a hospital where there is a higher risk to be infected with various diseases. Many of my colleagues fall sick and take days off, but I am able to work without being sick and earn the trust in my workplace.
Thanks to Nectura, I think my immune system has been strengthened.
Most of all, Nectura is very tasty with natural sweetness while it doesn’t contain artificial flavor. I think that’s the secret that everyone continues to drink Nectura easily.
I appreciate to be given a wonderful gift – family’s health.

Ono Eiichi
(Kanagawa prf.)

Ion5 is definitively essential to me.

I go around all over Japan very busy, but I don’t feel any fatigue and the gout symptoms have not shown recently.

I bring Ion5 everywhere I go. Ion5 became my daily essential. I really appreciate this product.

DJ Ashura
(Kanagawa prf.)

SHINE keeps my skin moist even in the Los Angeles’ dry air!

When I went to America touring as a DJ, I brought Shine with me because I heard that Los Angeles is a dry area.
I had a photographic assignment in the morning and at night so I put Shine on my skin. Thanks to Shine, I didn’t have dryness and had smooth skin all the time.
I put Shine on my skin every day after taking a bath and every morning when I go out.
I use both Shine and Halo every day and I see the diminishing of wrinkles and spots.

Etsuko Yamamoto
(Tokushima prf.)

Feeling refreshed in body and mind!
Thank you Nectura!

Since I started to drink Nectura, my body doesn’t get tired easily. This is the benefit that I feel the most.
If I am driving many hours in one day, it is difficult to keep my eyes open.
On the first day I drank Nectura, my body and my eyes became really refreshed.
That’s the change that I noticed first.

I talked to many people around me telling them that Nectura is a wonderful health supplement. My legs don’t get cramped easily so I am relieved from the pain in my legs.
My carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands is getting better.
My dry skin is getting better; I haven’t had dry skin for a long time. My bowel movement improved, I was really impressed by this!

Many testimonials were given when members got together and they started to talk about their own experiences. Members from distant places called us and told their experiences about Nectura with a lot of enthusiasm.
I really appreciate that I could discover Nectura.

Reiko Okada

Stunning! In less than 1 week,
this is the amazing result from Halo and Shine.

About 6 months ago, I noticed that I aged quite a bit around my neck. The skin around my neck was so sagging; I looked like an old woman. I had horizontal wrinkles before, however what shocked me the most was the fact that I gained a great number of vertical lines/wrinkles.
When I realized this, I gave up. I told myself, “I cannot cheat my age any longer”
Since then I started to put generous amount of Shine on my neck as well as my face.
I witnessed that smile lines (on other people) were getting drastically better with the Halo beauty device. So I thought, “I got to try Halo!” I had other beauty devices in the past. Usually, beauty devices had warnings saying that I should avoid applying the device around the eyes and neck.
However, I was very happy to find out that I didn’t need to worry about such a thing with Halo.

Before applying the Halo beauty device, I apply a generous amount of Shine around my neck. I first flush the cream from the lymph gland and then along the line of wrinkles. I did this randomly. Soon, I was very surprised that my ugly vertical lines disappeared in less than one week. I had not taken even 10 minutes at each Halo application.
Now, no one can tell about my true age as long as I continue to use Halo. As an added (great) benefit, I noticed that the stiffness in my shoulders was also getting better after using Halo. So it’s killing two birds with one stone.

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